Ombre iPod Touch Cases

Ombre iPod CasesPersonally I think ombre ipod cases are simply gorgeous.   I must confess that I have been a fan of the ombre designs that came on the scene a couple of years ago, but I’m amazed that they’re still popular as I thought it might be a fleeting fashion whim.

It has been seen in clothes, hair and all manner of fashion including cases for our electronics like these cool ombre ipod cases that I’ve found.

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My favorite ombre ipod case is the blue to pink one that is seen in the introduction image and is part of the ombre ipod case collection below by a Zazzle designer by the name of Louanne Cox –


In case you think the name is familiar they are in fact MY designs!   A little self promotion never hurt anyone, did it!

Of course you can get a lot of other ombre ipod cases besides these and I’ve selected a few of my favorites for you to see below.

The faux glitter ombre designs as well as the chevron ombre designs can be found in different colors besides the ones I’ve featured.

I do think zigzags and ombre is a great combination and if I could’ve found the color combo I like and the gradient of the ombre going the way I preferred then I could easily have had a different favorite out of these gorgeous ombre ipod touch cases.

 Pink & Turquoise Ombre iPod Touch 5G Cover Ombre aquamarine chevron pattern iPod case Abstract Purple Ombre Watercolor Wash iPod Case Pink Black Ombre iPod Touch Cover Gold Chevron Faux Glitter Ombre iPod Touch Case Pink & Green Ombre iPod Touch Case


I hope you enjoy ombre designs as much as me because I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s available here!

lou16 on Twitter

Love the ombre background to this tropical image must buy this #ipodtouchcase from #zazzle

As you can see from the design above you can even take a cool tropical picture and add an ombre background to it – the ideas are endless!

Ombre iPod Touch Cases
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I don't know who could live without music, I don't want to go far without my favorite tunes which is why I love my ipod! I also like to reflect different sides of my personality with the different clothes and accessories I wear and I love that there are different cases for my ipod so I can use it as another fashion accessory!