Chevron iPod Touch Cases

Stripes have always been a popular pattern to accessorize your electronics with, but add a little zigzag action and you have something extra special – chevron ipod touch cases.   There’s something special about chevron stripes that seems to have hit a chord with everyone and shows no hint of going out of fashion anytime soon.

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There’s actually a lot of different ways in which you can incorporate a chevron design into your ipod case and here’s a few examples which I liked –


 Red Anchor on Chevron iPod Case Monogram red/black chevron stripe iPod touch case Pastel Yellow Chevron with Custom Teal Monogram Teal Ombre Chevron Personalized iPod Case Monogrammed Hot Pink Zigzag Pattern iPod Case Blue/Black Chevron Custom iPod Touch Case Personalized Squirrel & Chevron iPod Touch Case Trendy Neon Orange/Black Chevron Pattern iPod Case Pastel purple/grey Chevron Custom iPod Touch Case


Mostly I feature ipod touch cases from Zazzle as I love their 100% satisfaction guarantee, but I came across this gorgeous chevron 6 gen ipod touch case on Amazon. It comes in a range of colors and most reviewers seemed to love it –

Chevron ipod touch cases (5/6 gen)

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Pug iPod Touch Cases

I’ll admit I’m a long time dog lover, but I can also tell you that I’ve never owned a pug.   Having said that I do think they have tons of personality and if you ever looked at my dog pinterest board you’d see an overshare of pug pictures on there!

I think one of these ipod touch cases would be perfect as any of them have the cute factor and you just know someone will make a comment about your case!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.


 A Pug with its Head Titled iPod Touch CaseCheck Price Customize Product iPod Touch CasesCheck Price Cafe Pug iPod Touch (5th Generation) CoverCheck Price Cute Pug with Red Glasses & Bowtie iPod CaseCheck Price Cute Black White Pug Dog Drawing iPod Touch 5G CoverCheck Price Cute pug puppy watercolor splatters paint iPod touch coverCheck Price


Which one is your favorite?

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Red iPod Touch Cases

Red is such a vibrant color it makes a great color to accessorize with and what better accessory than a brand new case for your ipod?
Blond Lady in Red on Bar Stool iPod touch Case

This first ipod case features a lady in red like the old song by Chris de Burgh this case looks lovely, gorgeous and to paraphrase a little…. unforgettable!

There’s lots of ways to incorporate red in your ipod case whether it’s just blocks of color like with the first cases here or if it’s with touches of other colors and patterns like the other cases.
I particularly like the red and black monogram case, but I’d take any of them – which is your favorite?

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.


 Red Crackle Texture Case-Mate iPod Touch CaseCheck Price Bright Bold Red iPod Touch CaseCheck Price Red Leather Texture Case-Mate iPod Touch CaseCheck Price Redwork Floral Quilt iPod Touch CaseCheck Price Personalized name red pizzas iPod touch caseCheck Price Custom red/black chevron stripes iPod touch caseCheck Price


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Pink iPod Touch Cases

Gorgeous Pink iPod Cases to Rock Your iPod With!

There are some absolutely fantastic pink ipod cases available to help keep your ipod safe while looking good. Whether you like the simple, understated designs on your ipod or you think it’s time to go wild with animal print or crazy with retro then I’ve found a pink ipod case just for you!

The ipod touch cases I’ve compiled for you are all available to purchase online 24 hours a day which is awesome!

All of these cases come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy with them you can send it back with no dramas, although I have to say I’ve never had any returned so far (touch wood).

Why are we still up here when we could be scrolling down and shopping for some cool pink ipod cases? Let’s go!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.


Plain Pink iPod Cases

Pink is such a great color that a plain pink ipod case is often all you need as opposed to different patterned pink ipod touch cases. If you like the simple things in life then these are the ipod touch cases for you, all you have to do is choose between the different shades of pink available – I like the hot pink as opposed to the pale pink.

 Pink Barely There iPod Covers Hot Pink iPod Touch Case

If you do prefer some more design detail on your ipod touch case then I’ve got you covered below with everything from animal print to polka dots and more so what are you waiting for – let’s go shopping!


Animal Print Pink iPod Cases

Zebra Print | Giraffe Print | Leopard Print

Animal print and pink truly are a match made in fashion heaven don’t you think? If you need convincing check out these cool ipod touch cases and tell my you don’t covert at least one of them!

 Pink & Black Zebra Print iPod Case Pink Zebra Print Barely There iPod Cover Hot Pink Black Zebra IPod Touch Case Pink and Black Leopard Print iPod Touch Case Giraffe Print in Bright Pink. iPod Touch Case Hot pink giraffe pattern iPod touch cover


Pink Skull iPod Touch Cases

Pink skull designs have never been so popular as they are now which is why these pink skull ipod touch cases make an awesome gift idea for a trendy tween or teen. The whole Gothic Punk Princess look is very hot and that look encompasses the romantic, feminine qualities of pink with the grunge/Gothic/punk qualities of the skull.

 Dead Damask – Chic Sugar Skulls iPod Touch (5th Generation) Cover Cute Skull with Pink Guitar iPod Case-Mate Case Lovey Goth Skulls in Bright Pink iPod Touch 5G Case


Pink Hair Accessory Skull & Scissor Crossbones (Pink) iPod Case

And then we come to this pink skull case and as soon as my daughter saw this design she said one word – awesome! Basically it’s a pale pink which equals girly, it’s got hair accessories which also equals girly, but it’s shaped like a skull so it has an edge …… or something like that anyway!!
Basically if you’re looking for a case as a gift for an older tween or younger teen then this is one of the types of cases that will have them and their friends talking about it for ages. I must be old because I prefer the sugar skull design above!

Pink Floral Cases

Add Flowers to Your iPod Touch!

Floral designs are a very popular design for electronic cases from ipods to kindles and from android phones to ipads. When you’re looking at a pink theme there seems to be even more floral designs to choose from.

There’s the pastel shades of pink that you find in a cottage garden and then there’s those more exotic looking bursts of hot pink color that you get in some gardens that seem to make the whole garden ‘pop’. You can see both types of flower represented on cases, I’ve had to minimize the selection to 6 for you today, but I’m sure you’ll love them –

 Keep Calm Vintage Pink Floral iPod Case Pink floral pattern. iPod touch Case-Mate case


Keep Calm & Get Your Pink On!

More Pink iPod Cases

The Keep Calm & Carry On posters that were originally designed by the British government to keep everyone calm during the War have become quite a sensation recently and have been revamped in many different ways including becoming available in pink! Let’s look at what pink ‘Keep Calm’ ipod cases I’ve been able to locate for you….

 Rose Pink Keep Calm and Carry On iPod Touch Case Hot Pink Keep Calm and Carry On iPod Touch Case Keep Calm and Carry On iPod Case-Mate Case


More Pink iPod Touch Cases

There’s a Pink iPod Touch Case for Everyone!

There are so many different styles of ipod touch cases available that I’m really hoping that if you like pink then you’ve found a style just right for you on this page. If the ones above haven’t been to your taste then hopefully these next ones will from polka dots to animals and more.

 Pink Retro Circles iPod Touch Cover Pink Polka Dot iPod Touch Case-Mate Case Abstract Hearts iPod Case-Mate Cases Elephant on Hot Pink iPod Touch Cover Pink & White Swirl Case-Mate iPod Touch Case Cow on Pale Pink Background iPod Case


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