Purple iPod Touch Cases

Purple is my favorite color so I had so much fun putting together a compilation of purple ipod cases for you to choose from, luckily I had the foresight to freeze my credit card before researching them as I would’ve been too busy buying a number of them otherwise!

iPod cases not only protect your ipods from damage, but are also a fashion statement in their own right.

I hope I’ve managed to find a range of styles for all the purple lovers out there from personalized to floral, funky to damask and more.

Plain Purple iPod Touch Cases

Sometimes it’s nice to have a plain ipod touch case and I would like to get a plain colored case in most colors so that I can change them out depending on what I’m wearing. Mind you if I look in my wardrobe I have an awful lot of purple so I could easily buy several different purple ipod cases and still be able to use a different one with each outfit!

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 Purple Barely There iPod Covers Purple iPod Touch Case


One of the things I love about plain ipod cases is that they’re inoffensive so that you can easily take them to job interviews, work and anywhere else without worrying that someone is going to take offense to a design that you thought was funny.

I like both of the shades included here, but the dark purple has to be my favorite (must be my inner Goth wanting to come out and play!!)

Purple Floral iPod Cases

Purple flowers are my favorite kind of flower which is why these next ipod cases are perfect for me –

 Purple Daisy Flower iPod Case iPod Touch Cases Purple Iris purple iPod Touch Barely There™ iPod Case-Mate Cases


I must admit a black background to a purple bloom does add a sense of drama to the case doesn’t it? I really do like the purple gerbera/daisy for that reason, although the purple iris is my favorite flower so I might have to get both of them!

Purple Animal Print Cases

Take a walk on the wild side with your ipod touch!

Animal print designs on ipod cases are uber chic at the moment and adding purple into the mix just makes them sizzle, see what you think with these few I’ve compiled for you. Giraffe, zebra or cheetah designs they are all great for adding a touch of animal print to you outfit without over doing it


 Giraffe Animal Print Purple iPod Case Neon purple cheetah print iPod touch case Purple Zebra Stripes iPod Touch Case



Personalized Purple iPod Touch Cases

The great thing with these ipod cases is that they can be personalized which just makes them seem that much more special don’t you think? One of the reasons I love dealing with Zazzle (the makers of these ipod touch cases), besides their 100% satisfaction guarantee and quality products, is that you can personalize so many of their products such as these ipod cases –


 Purple Monogram iPod Touch Case Personalized Purple Daisy Panda iPod Touch Covers Purple Ballet Barely There iPod Case Personalized Purple iPod Touch Case Custom indigo leopard print iPod touch case White Diamonds High Heel Purple Damask iPod Touch Case


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Camo iPod Cases

A Camo Case Makes A Real Fashion Statement on Your iPod

Camo Camouflage iPod Touch 4 Case Mate iPod Case-Mate Cases

These camo ipod cases will do anything but camouflage your ipod! These will turn your ipod into a sizzling new fashion accessory that will stand out from the crowd like a model on a runway. Your friends will be green with envy………as well as all that the case will offer your ipod some protection so use that angle to get your parent’s to buy you one (or more)!
Camo used to be name given to a type of design soldiers used to camouflage themselves and was varying shades of green, like the one in the introductory photo.
Since camo has hit the fashion world however it’s become a whole new look. The basic design is exactly the same, but forget military green we’re talking pinks, blues, reds…….well keep on looking and you’ll see what I mean.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.


Army Camo iPod Cases

Keep Your iPod Touch Hidden!

The first three cases featured here are all able to be customized with a name, nickname or initial which I think is pretty cool and is a great idea if you’re giving it as a gift. Classic camo is definitely the phrase I’d use with all of these cases and I know a number of people who would love this design for their ipod.


 Customizable Military Camo iPod Touch Case Customizable Urban Camo iPod Touch Case Army Camouflage Custom iPod Touch Case


 Pink Camo iPod Cases

A Fashionable Way to Accessorize!

The most fashionable camo design at the moment is the pink camo and this is popping up on bags, clothing and even these gorgeous ipod cases. I don’t know who first had the idea of making camo in a pink color as the only place that would work (as actual camouflage) would be in Barbra Cartland’s or Jayne Mansfield’s houses!


 Customizable Pink Camo iPod Touch Case Deep Pink Camo iPod Touch Case Pink Camo iPod Touch Case


Digitalized Camo Design

A Cool Retro Design for Your iPod Touch Case

I really like the digitalized or pixelated look to this camo design it gives the cases a whole different feel, almost retro in fact.


 Digital Camouflage Barely There iPod Touch Case

The design comes in other colors as well which were unavailable for a while, but I’m happy to say they’re back again – here’s two of them for you to enjoy including the blue one which I particularly like.


 Navy Digital Camouflage iPod Touch Case Digital Army Camouflage iPod Touch Case

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Black & White iPod Cases

There’s something about the simplicity of black and white that makes it quite sophisticated at times, but black and white designs can also be fun, cute, vintage and cool as well as being timeless, sophisticated and stark. I’ve compiled a range of different styles with these black and white designs and I’m sure you’ll manage to find at least one that you can fall in love with. First as we’re talking ipod cases let’s go with some musical designs….

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article – more information can be found on our disclosure page.

Black & White Musical Designed iPod Touch Cases




As you can see two of these musically inspired ipod touch cases can also be personalized which is great if you’re looking for a gift idea.

There’s more to black and white designs than music notes and piano keys however….

Cute Dog Inspired iPod Touch Cases

I’ll admit I’m a dog lover and so I couldn’t resist adding these ipod touch cases, particularly the pug one!   I’m not a pug owner, but they sure know how to put on a ‘sad face’ really well, don’t they?   My cousin would love one of these cases as he has not just one, but three adorable pugs.




My daughter would prefer the paw print design and I can’t help but find Boston Terriers incredibly cheeky!

Cute Black & White iPod Case Designs

When it comes to cute designs Disney does them very well and Mickey Mouse was born to be be featured on a black and white ipod case!   Then when you think of cute animals that are black and white can you really go past a penguin?   I know I can’t!





I also love the way the designer of the ‘cow’ ipod case combined cow print with a cute cow’s face and I couldn’t resist adding it to the cute selection I’ve compiled for you here.

Black and White Patterned iPod Touch Cases

There are lots of different patterns that can be made in black and white from polka dots to stripes and even tribal designs so check out this selection and see which one ‘speaks’ to you!





Sophisticated, Vintage, Parisian Inspired iPod Touch Case

A Vision in Black and White

This ipod touch case is one which my 12 going on 22 year old daughter thought was very ‘oh la la!’   It also got the thumbs up from my 17 year old niece and my (I can’t say how much over) 60 year old mother so in all this is definitely a timeless design.

There’s something absolutely classic about this image and it conjures up Paris Fashion Week along with vintage beauty and classic fashions like Audrey Hepburn’s black dress from Breakfast at Tiffanys.

The bow on the half finished dress adds a touch of fun while the line of damask lace in the background reminds you of both France and fashion, meanwhile the French writing pulls together the idea that this ipod case is the ultimate in French style and sophistication………. did I remember to say I like this design too?

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